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Best Los Algodones Dentist, Reviews, Los Algodones Dental Prices by the Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

By The Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

Los Algodones often called the Mecca of dental tourism in Mexico or Molar City, is located a mere 3 hours from San Diego California and Tijuana via US Hwy 8 or 1 hr. from Mexicali Mexico. It's located on across the Arizona border 10 miles from Yuma. 

Every year tens of thousands of American and Canadian dental patients visit the tiny border town of 5,500. 350 dentists occupy the 4-5 block town center - along with discount pharmacies, optometrists and a scattering of restaurants and souvenir shops. The cattle, cantinas and brothels of days gone by were run out of town by a dentist turned mayor decades ago. If you are into selfies you may luck upon the town greeter walking about costumed as a giant smiling molar.

If you are driving in from Phoenix (3 hrs to Algos) or other places within a days drive you can't beat Los Algodones for low prices. You just have to be sure you are getting what you are paying for and not a recent dental school grad in a dental mill or a non-certified dentist learning advanced dentistry at your expense. 

Los Algodones has a fair share of non-certified dental hustlers who take advantage of the lax regulations in Mexico regarding the practice of advanced specialist dental procedures by misrepresenting themselves as "Specialists". Which is about the same as your neighborhood auto lube shop monkey calling himself a master mechanic and offering you a deal on your BMW engine overhaul.

In Mexico (including Los Algodones) dentists who are truly certified in the procedures most dental tourists are searching for such as crowns, root canals, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and dental implants are only 10-15% of all dentists advertising for these procedures. Board certified dentists who are the very best are only 1% or less of dentists in Mexico. 

The vast majority of patients who wander into Los Algodones dental not having done their research in advance are very likely to end up in a clinic where a non-certified dentist is learning advanced complicated dentistry by trial and error at the patients expense. That's a real WTF statement, read it again if you aren't awake yet.  

The 20-year old Board Certified Mexico Dental Association is one of the pioneers of Mexican dental tourism and it's new entity Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale is expanding service to assist patients seeking high-quality, affordable medical and dental work around the world. Including dentists in Los Algodones. 

Meet One of Los Algodones top dentists recommended by Certified Dentists Internationale. Dr Guillermo Marquez Reyes - Oral Surgeon, Implantologist, Cosmetic Dentist. And he does general dentistry as well.  

"Dr. Marquez is a certified specialist dentist you can trust for your important dentistry from root canals and crowns to implants, mini implant secured dentures and cosmetic dentistry.  He's one of the best certified dentists in Los Algodones and his prices are competitive with many far less-trained general dentists for the same procedures."   
          - Certified Dentists Internationale'

Dr. Marques is a native of Los Algodones, having attended the University in Mexicali where after graduating from dental college he performed his year of government required public service in the hospital there before opening a clinic in Los Algodones in 1998. With his roots in Los Algodones (no pun intended) you can count on him being there for you the next time you return for more dentistry. 

Over the last 20 years in practice he has upgraded his skills with additional specialist Diplomado certifications in periodontistry, endodontics, orthodontics, implants, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.  And spending summer vacations studying English at King George Univ. in Vancouver BC. Some people will do anything to escape the summer heat. 

Like most certified dentists the doctor loves his craft and enjoys a reputation for being a perfectionist making flawless crowns, veneers, implants and doing complicated oral restorations.  Indeed he is such a perfectionist he set up his own lab to ensure the work is made right and right the first time. This is important to dental tourists who have a plane in Yuma to catch. 

One of his most popular dental procedures is making mini implant secured dentures using the MDI Mini Implant procedure can be completed in one day along with crowns, root canals (with post and crown) and other procedures that often take 2 trips to a clinic.

For the dental sensitive patient having involved procedures he offers various options for sleep or sedation dentistry. 

His welcoming staff will treat you like an old friend when you visit. You will find his prices competitive (and sometimes less) than prices at many non-certified far-less skilled dentists in Los Algodones.  Crowns start at under $295 and surgical dental implants @ $950.  And that's using branded implants not low-quality units from China or Brazil which many call "FDA approved." He does general dentistry at prices competitive with general dentists.

Remember:  Once you cross the border, you are are already saving up to 75% and its time to start shopping quality and stop shopping price. Or you will definitely get your price. And you may be sorry later when like many - have to have the work redone. 

Board Certified Mexico Dental Association or it's new entity Certified Dentists Internationale' are the places to start for the best dentists in Mexico you can trust with your important dental needs. 

Get a Free Consultation and Estimate today for Los Algodones Certified Dentist Dr. Marquez Reyes by filling out the short contact form at:  Certified Dentists Internationale 

We look forward to being of assistance!


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