Friday, December 12, 2014

TODOS SANTOS - Baja Art & Music Colony Near Cabo San Lucas

Todos Santos -  ‘The Beyond of Baja’ - Discover Art, Music, Fine Cuisine and the Illusionary Hotel California in this sleepy artist's colony an hour north of Cabo 
Todos Santos Hotel California - made famous by the Eagles song.  

Tourists who aren’t into the Cabo San Lucas scene of catching a big fish, golf or getting drunk and hanging upside down by their ankles on a fish scale in a bar are happy to discover the sleepy ‘Artists Colony’ of Todos Santos just one hour north of Cabo San Lucas. What was once Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 1920´s, later Carmel and Laguna Beach in the 50´s & 60´s, is now becoming Todos Santos. Whatever that is … or whatever you want it to be.
To get there, rent a car, take the two-lane highway out of Cabo San Lucas, and get prepared to enjoy one of the most spectacular scenic drives to be found anywhere. You will cross over grand arroyos, look down on Pacific coast beaches, off which you may see migrating whales spouting or manta rays the size of baby grand pianos belly flopping. The road meanders up and down hills and across coastal plains covered with thorn tropical vegetation.


In Todos Santos one can stroll paved (and dirt) colonial era streets of a peaceful village where one will find more art galleries and fine restaurants than cantinas or taco stands. Here you won’t have to fend off Time Share sales people, or ‘street peddlers’ who in Cabo San Lucas, seem to leap out at you from behind every bush and rock.