Friday, October 24, 2014

EBOLA TRAVEL BANS BY COUNTRY (Mexico, Asia - China, the Philippines, India, Latin America, Africa)


EBOLA TRAVEL BANS by Reuters, Voice of America, Dental Tourism News Today
Yesterday the World Health Organization stated the official number of deaths in West Africa to be 4,800 but said the real total may be closer to 15,000. African countries are in the front lines in battling this dreadful disease, but with modern air travel, the front line can easily be any international airport terminal. Hospitals around the world are having Ebola management training sessions for their staffs and its only prudent that international airports do the same. 
There are 47 countries in continental Africa, if you add in related islands off the coasts such as Madagascar, Mauritius, Sechelles and others the total gets up to 53. Getting all the politicians in Africa on board to fight Ebola is a challenge in itself.  It wasn't too many years ago some African politicians were in denial regarding AIDS, it's causes and prevention. As a result countries such as Swaziland have an HIV rate of 25% according to WHO (World Health Org).
As of this date, Latin America including Mexico, and all of Asia remain Ebola free. Asian governments have had their share of Asian bird flu or SARS and are not taking any chances with Ebola and are vigorously preparing their health agencies to deal with it.
Medical and dental tourism patients bound for popular health care travel destinations such as Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines can expect a little extra health screenings on arrivals from some countries but that will soon become the norm everywhere not only because of Ebola but because of the many other viral threats that will continue to appear over time.

On pages that follow you will find a list of countries that have recently enacted Ebola related travel bans or restrictions. The list is updated often so check back.  - Dental Tourism News Today

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ASIA'S BEST DENTAL TOURISM COUNTRIES By the Board Certified Asia Dentist Association

Dentists in Manila and Bangkok are much less expensive than Mexican dentists! Asian Dental holidays are growing in popularity with American and Canadian dental patients. 

Dental Travel Agencies Recommend Manila or Bangkok Dentists for Affordable Dentistry

 The Board Certified Asia Dental Association Asia Dental Travel Guide service has Asian dentists including certified Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok Dentists.

And you thought only Mexican dentists were affordable!

Dental prices in Asia are generally 20-30% less than Mexican dentists who are already 50-75% less costly than US, Canada, UK and dentists in Australia. 

Ex. A teeth cleaning by a dentist in Mexico including 2 x-rays will run $40-60 vs. $20 in Manila. I won't quote you a price for a cleaning by a US dentist - most don't do cleanings - or windows. But if they did - it would be $100 - $175. (including a couple of x-rays)

Monday, October 20, 2014

EBOLA HYSTERIA - UPDATE - Nigeria Shows the World How to Contain the Virus

Nigeria Eliminates Ebola - So Can Everyone Else!

Ebola has not appeared in Mexico and the rest of Latin America or Asia. It can be contained and eliminated if you look at the recent success of Nigeria in doing so according to this Oct. 20 WSJ article reposted by Dental Tourism News Today.

Reasons to Calm Down About Ebola
Nigeria has contained Ebola, with a health system that is better than Liberia’s but below developed-world standards.

The Wall Street Journal
By F. Landis MacKellar And Jose G. Siri

Oct. 20, 2014 7:07 p.m. ET

The Ebola epidemic ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is unlikely to become a global pandemic, though an international response is critical. The isolated cases in the U.S., Spain and elsewhere are to be expected, but as long as public-health systems act with alacrity, this should not lead to new outbreaks.

Ebola is not particularly successful in humans by viral standards. HIV, to take a familiar example, has been killing more than a million people a year for almost two decades. Ebola has hitherto caused only small, localized outbreaks. This is likely because Ebola is not adapted to human hosts, but is introduced into populations on rare occasions, when people come into close contact with its natural reservoirs—thought to be bats and possibly other wildlife. Since the virus didn’t evolve with humans, it wreaks havoc on our bodies but achieves only limited success in propagating itself.


Centuria Medical Makati to spearhead medical tourism in the country
By Manila Standard Today | Oct. 17, 2014 at 06:50pm

They come from Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong,  even as far Mumbai.  High rollers from Asia’s top capitals, who just happen to have contracted an ailment of some sort,. And they don’t feel like shelling out a fortune for medical treatment in the United States, or Europe.

The 28-storey Centuria Medical Makati in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati  City will be  turned over to clinic space owners by the end of 20 14.