Friday, April 8, 2016

New Mexican Dental Association Will Find You The Best Board Certified Dentists in Mexico

Certified Doctors and Dentists Internationale’ will find you the best medical and  dental tourism providers in Mexico and beyond.

Seeing a new doctor or dentist in Mexico can be intimidating for many first time medical and dental tourism patients. But it shouldn’t be. For the past 60 years tens of thousands of US and Canadians head south annually to Mexico for affordable dentistry and medical treatments. And most return home with wonderful new smiles.

Caveat: An undetermined number don’t return with glorious Cabo and Puerto Vallarta being mentioned as the usual reasons.  Besides affordable elective surgeries and cosmetic dental makeovers - uncrowded beaches, cold margaritas and waterfront condos are also a bargain in Mexico.

The benefits of using Certified Doctors and Dentists Internationale’ include:

  • Free consultations and estimates by doctors & dentists (no call center agents).
  • Free 2nd opinions and credentials check service to be sure of getting the quality you deserve.
  • Top certified dentists & doctors in the best medical and dental tourism places such as Cabo, Los Algodones, Tijuana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Budapest, Bangkok, HK & Manila.
  • Certified doctors and dentists many who are Presidents or Directors of dental association’s, award winners, dental college professors & hospital department chiefs  
  • Top quality materials and brands such as dental implants by Nobel Biocare which last 20 yrs to a lifetime.
  • Association members maintain international standards of sterilization, hygiene, sanitation and hazardous waste disposal.
  • Medical and Dental vacation information - Get advice on accommodations, and gratis local transportation in some areas.

The Mexican and American Dental Associations recommend that dental tourism patients always use the services of a Board Certified Dentist when traveling abroad for advanced dental procedures to get the best results. The same applies for medical tourism patients when choosing a provider abroad.

Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale’ Patient Adviser Dr. Cristina Terrado adds::

There is little money saved when you have to pay to have dental work redone because of shoddy work by a non-certified dentist who was learning complicated dentistry at your expense.”

According to the Mexican Dental Association - over 85% of dentists on the the dental tourism agency websites are non-certified general dentists representing themselves as "specialists"

These non-certified dentists advertise for implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns etc. for which they have little or no formal training or certification for.

Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' helps take the worry out of going abroad for dental care by restricting its membership exclusively to dentists certified in the procedures dental tourism patients require.

For 60 years, Tijuana has been the biggest dental tourism destination for Americans.

Non-certified dentists attempt to learn complicated dentistry by trial and error at the patient’s expense which is legal in Mexico and in many other developing countries. It used to be that way in the US before consumer protection legislation. Be aware that In Mexico - truth in advertising goes out the window once you cross the border. Especially if the ads are in English.

What can go wrong? Dental implants that are misaligned, dental implants put in patients who are not good candidates, low-quality implants made in China or Brazil that fail in 4-5 yrs, crowns too thin which break, set too close together, too large, poorly matched colors or shades. Plus one may have to pay twice for the work when it has to be repeated.  

“Board Certification is a foreign patient’s only real guarantee that their doctor or dentist in Mexico will be up to international standards. Without the assurance of certification - the patient doesn’t know what kind of work they will be getting." 

- Dra. Cristina Terrado.

For Free consultations, (by a doctor or dentist) estimates, referrals, 2nd opinions, dentist credentials checks and dental vacation information visit:

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Speak with a Dentist Patient Adviser Toll Free USA: 1 888 310 0227
Toll Free from Canada: 1 888 301 5969

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* Certified Dentists and Doctors Internationale’ (CDDI) is a new international division of the 2 decades old Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association. CDDI offers patients considering medical and dental travel to Mexico, Eastern Europe and Asia, services that make will make their experience enjoyable, easy and safe.

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