Friday, April 29, 2016

BAD MEXICO DENTAL TOURISM - The Best and The Worst Dentists in Mexico are...

The Best and the Worst Dentists in Mexico -

The 3 Stooges were not Mexican - but you get the idea...


Scary Mexican dental stories often begin when patients go to a clinic with the cheapest price. Tip: When you cross the border - it’s time to shop quality not price. You are already saving 50-75% and if you keep shopping - you will definitely find the lowest price and may be sorry you did.

What can go wrong? Infections, misaligned implants, implants set too close, implants set in patients not suitable for implants, poor quality implants and adhesives that soon fail, crude crowns, crowns too close, too big, too thin - and worse. Patients can end up paying double - by paying to have the work redone. Many of those scary stories you hear about dental tourism from your dentist back home are true.

The best way to avoid starring in your own Mexican dental horror movie is to insist on a Board Certified Dentist for your complicated dentistry in Mexico or elsewhere abroad. They cost the same as non-certified dentists and do superior work.

Trust Certified Dentists Internationale’ to bring you the best dentists for all your needs. CDI features the top board certified dentists in Mexico including Los Cabos (Cabo and San Jose del Cabo), Tijuana, Guadalajara, Los Algodones, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta as well as dentists in  Manila, New Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Eastern Europe.  

Unique to CDI is that the association’s patient advisers are doctors and dentists - not call center agents. The association is staffed by medical professionals and offers free estimates, referrals, 2nd opinions and credential checks without any additional hidden .com dental travel agency fees.

For Free Online Estimates and Referrals:
Call Toll Free from USA: 1 888 310 0227
From Canada: 1 888 301 6959

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