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DENTISTS IN CABO MEXICO LIST List of Top Certififed Dentists By Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

Find top Board Certified Dentists in Los Cabos Mexico for superior dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, oral restoration, crowns, veneer and more. Get Free estimates, Mexico dental tourism assistance.

By the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

Los Cabos board certified for dental implant, crown, veneer, oral surgery, cosmetic dental makeover, tmj disorder, oral restorations, periodontistry, endodontics, maxillofacial & more. These dentists provide almost all of the American and Mexican dental association recognized dental specialties. 

Mexico dental tourists note:

If you are planning to have serious dentistry in Mexico such as any procedures listed above, a Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member dentist will be fully trained and accredited for these procedures.

General dentists in Mexico as in the US and Canada are not qualified for advanced dental procedures. But in Mexico, general dentists are permitted to attempt complicated dentistry without attending dental specialist schools and bcoming certified in their specialties. General dentists in Mexico learn as they go at the patient's expense and you don't know what you will get if you use one that has not be certified.

If you want the very best dentistry in Mexico, see a Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member dentist. Our Staff will  help  you  find  the right  certified  dentist  in  Mexico for your exact dental  procedure  requirements. And you will find the cost to be the same as for a less-skilled general dentist in Mexico. Contact us for Free estimates and Mexico dental Tourism information. Find List of Board Certified Dentists and clinics on the following page.


Plus websites featuring Board Certified Dentists in Mexico  

  • Cabo Dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon Avila & Associates -  Cabo Cosmetic Smiles Clinic - President of the National College of Oral Surgeons, Past President  Baja  California Mexico Dental Assn., certified specialist for crowns, veneers, dental implant, oral surgery, TMJ, dental makeover and general dentistry.  2 clinics - Cabo nr. Home Depot and Tijuana in Zona Rio.   
  • Cabo Dentist Dr. Gabriela Perez - Centro Medico. Oral Surgeon, Implantologist, Cosmetic dentist, Prosthodontistry, seniors, children's sports injuries and general dentistry. On-call at local hospitals. Team includes other specialists, MD's and radiography equipment. Located downtown Cabo. Contact: Centro Medico
  • Cabo dentist Dr. Rafael Ramirez Cabanas y Cabanas - Alicia Dental Paradise Cabo Dental Clinic - Former instructor for Nobel Biocare the company that invented the dental implant, former head of hospital oral surgery dept., on-call for emergencies at AmeriMed Hospital, implants, ortho, endodontics, prosthodontistry, oral surgery and general dentistry.
  • San Jose Del Cabo Certified Dentist Dr. Tony Garcia, 20 miles east of Cabo San Lucas in Jose del Cabo, Specialist in dental implants,(Diplomate'), crowns, veneers, general dentistry. Contact;
  • Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association features dentists fully accredited for the advanced dental procedures most dental tourists are searching for in Mexico. Contact us for certified dentists in Los Cabos, (Cabo San Lucas, Cabo and San Jose del Cabo), Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Los Algodones, El Progresso, Rock Point, Monterey, Mexico City and others.
  • San Jose Dentist and dental lab - Clinica y Laboratorio Dental de Los Cabos, - San Jose del Cabo dentist - Alta Tension s/n, Col El Zacatal 
  • Mexico Dentist Guide - By Dr. Nelson Henry DMD - Only American dentist owned website that refers patients to Mexico for dental vacations for large treatments. US dentist affiliate of the certified dentists in Mexico association (BCMD) recommends Board Certified Dentists in Mexico exclusively for dental travel to dentists in Cabo, Tijuana, Cancun, Los Algodones, Puerto Vallarta and other popular dental vacation destinations. 
  • For Free Estimates Consultations, Mexico Dentist Prices, Dentist Resumes, Referrals and Dental Tourism Information for any of the above Los Cabos dentists, or dentists in other Mexico dental travel destinations contact the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association. 

Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member dentists are present or past presidents or  directors  of  Mexico  dental  specialist  associations. Some  like  our  Los  Cabos  dentists  have been  oral  surgery department  heads  at  hospitals  or  dental  implant  instructors. And all have had years of additional formal training beyond that of a general dentist in Mexico.

For Superior Dentistry in Mexico -

Always insist on a Board Certified Mexico Association Dentist!

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