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LOS ALGODONES DENTIST REVIEWS & FORUM 2015-16 by Dental Tourism News Today.

Los Algodones dentist prices, quality and alternatives 

Read what patients say about dentists in Los Algodones and Mexico dental tourism from Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale'


The following Los Algodones dentist reviews were submitted to Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale during 2015-16.  

1.    From Steve S.

My wife and I have been going to Los Algodones for 12 years. Used to live in So. Cal and had a getaway place in AZ. Everybody we met in AZ went to Algodones. We have had major work done and have saved thousands. Never had a problem. Now we live in Hawaii and it is STILL cheaper to go to Algodones. 

In June I needed work that in Hawaii or California (prices about the same) would have been about $16,000. We flew to CA, rented a car, visited friends and had the work done by our dentist in Algodones. Dental work: $2600; flight (for both of us): $900; rental car: $500. Savings: $12,000.

When the snowbirds are down south, approximately 10-15,000 of them cross over for dental work. One time we had to go in the Winter (for a root canal) and it took us 2 1/2 hours to get back across the border. The line was blocks long. In the summer there is no line to get back.”

Cabo and Puerto Vallarta dentists report seeing patients from Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and Florida and everywhere in between.  And from one end of Canada to the other.  Los Algodones draws patients primarily from the Southwest and Midwest. And dental prices everywhere in Mexico are about the same with Cancun and Cabo being about 5-10% higher than the others due to the higher cost of living in a resort town. Tijuana/San Diego dentists are priced comparable to Los Algos dentists.  -ed

2.    Mad Mike

Absolutely NOTHING on this earth has skyrocketed more than the price of basic dental care in the US in the past 35 years. A filling that cost $20 35 years ago--now it it is 10x that amount (or more). I had a crown that cost $65 (and I still have it) back then. Now it is $2000.

WAGES have certainly NOT gone up that much in 35 years. Ridiculous. This is fast becoming a country where only the very rich will be able to afford basic dental care (and dental insurance usually only pays about a third of the cost). Just pure greed. You can't do it yourself, so they just (expletive deleted) you.

3.    Anon.

On one of my trips to Mexico the dentist told me to come back when I could to have some other work done, but I could only go back the next Sunday. No problem, he worked on Sunday. Then I remembered not only was it Sunday, but it was Easter Sunday. not a problem, "I should be here but if I'm not, have my assistant call me at home," he said. Now that's service!

I knew a dentist in Cabo who drove 240 miles round-trip through a hurricane to get crowns from the lab in La Paz so he could finish in time for the patient to catch his flight to Alberta. One thing I've noticed over the years is that Mexican dentists really appreciate foreign patients. -ed

4.    Dennis K.

I have used the dental services in Algodones and have found that the costs are around 25% of those quoted by local dentists in Arizona and the service is performed in a fraction of the time. I recently was told by a dentist that a US crown lasts 30 years while a porcelain crown from Mexico lasts 10 years. 

I told him a crown in the US costs between $2,000 and $2,500 whereas a crown in Mexico is less than $350. Do the math and if you are over 70 years of age use a little applied logic.

Dental Clinics are run by high profit return on investment business managers. With a little research you can find dentists in Mexico with education and training equal to or better than most American Dentists.

I had a root canal and a porcelain crown done in Algodones all for 600 bucks 15 years ago . No problems whatsoever so the US dentist is talking baloney so that we don't go there. They see it as stealing business from them.

Oh and the reason I went there was because I went to have a routine teeth cleaning here with my US dentist and told I needed my filling redone and she instead ruined my tooth. Next she had the nerve to tell me I needed a root canal and a crown placed and I told her she ruined it and all she could say she was sorry about it. 

Asked how much it would be and said $4,000 and I asked for a discount and she said no. So I told her off and would be reporting her to the dental association and walked out.

5.    James M.

I just moved back to the U.S. after living/working in Lat Am and Asia for the past 20 years. When told by my new dentist in VT that I needed an implant procedure for one tooth, I was taken aback by the price that he quoted (more than $5,000). 

I called around to other dentists in the state and was quoted the same price.  Since I had frequent flier miles decided to do the procedure in Cabo San Lucas. Everything was first rate, the dentist was totally professional, everyone spoke English and the office was actually more modern than the ones I visited in VT. 

The procedure was completely successful and all in cost will be 30% of what I would have been charged in the U.S. Two biggest consumer rip offs in the U.S. have got to be health care and university tuition/fees. These industries make bankers look charitable.

6.    Victor

In any way you look at this practice we are getting ripped off by our Dental Care providers in the US. My wife needed a root canal and that was offered at $1700 dollars in Dallas. We went to Matamoros Mexico and got the same care for $350 dollars. Fantastic work for a very fair price.

The cleanings that you cannot get for less than $200 dollars at a discount place, we got for $60 dollars each. We will continue to go to Mexico for dentistry. It is out of control in the U.S., just like all other Medical Care.

7.    Frank S.

The Philippines is a good option for saving on dentistry. The cost to fly to Manila is only around $1000-1200 from the US and Canada West Coast and the dental care there is excellent. All the dentists speak perfect English because it’s the national language used in business, government and in public schools. The 7,104 island group's population speaks about 150 other indigenous languages but American English rules. 

My (Filipina) wife just returned from seeing a dentist in Manila to have dental implants done. The implants were the best quality and the total price was $4000. Same work in the US would have been $20,000.

Dentists in Manila use the same equipment and materials ordered from the same catalogs as the dentists order from in the US. Many go to dental school in the US. Contact Certified Docotrs and Dentists Internationale' for free estimates and referrals. Some treatment prices are half what they are in Mexico. -ed

8.     Carlos A

People in Texas have been going to Mexico for their dental work since the 1950's. I took my Dad to Juarez, across from El Paso, in 1976 to have his teeth pulled and be fitted for dentures. The estimated cost stateside, $3,000----Cost in Mexico, $470. I am in the process of getting some of my teeth capped at the present time and the price difference is huge. Price per crown in U.S. $1000 to $1200---Mexico $450 to $650 per cap. My 20 year-old Grandson had all four wisdom teeth removed last year for $225.

9.    Walt S.

Journalists are lazy people. They are all beating the drum for Los Algodones being a Mecca for dental work while ignoring the fact that no one, not even Mexicans would want to go to a poor desert border town for cheap dental work – unless they lived within driving distance.

Better option: Search online for the Cabo Free Press, you’ll find links for Mexico dental travel there - Dental Tourism News Today also has articles from CNN, BBC, Fox, Los Angeles Times etc.

Dental prices are about the same everywhere in Mexico. 

Don’t get excited because a journalist who wanted an easy story re-warmed an old story about cheap dentists in Los Algodones.  It's about $100 more airfare flying to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta instead of Yuma or Phoenix and you can have  a world-class Mexican dental vacation. Even Tijuana is a better bet than Los Algos as prices are comparable and your options for activities, places to stay and interesting things to see and do are much greater in the Tijuana/San Diego area.

Be sure to get a Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member dentist as most of the dentists in these little border towns are general dentists preying on desperate foreign patients. About 90% of them are general dentists un-certified for the treatments most American patients want. They legally can learn complicated dentistry on-the-job in Mexico by trial and error on their unsuspecting foreign patients. 

They'd lose their license or even go to jail for attempting a root canal on you in the US without being properly trained and certified. Get a dentist who is certified for the work you need done. Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association dentists cost no more. 

Beware of general dentists calling themselves "specialists' in Mexico. Or posting fake degrees from Harvard on their salon walls - especially certificates of "atendencia" at dental convention seminars in lieu of graduate specialist college degrees.  -ed

110.  Daniel M.

I take issue with anyone who calls US dentists “Mercedes driving, golf club swinging, lion shooting, outrageously priced dentists.”  

Not all US dentists shoot endangered species or belong to expensive country clubs. My Pasadena dentist didn’t drive a Mercedes. He drove a Lamborghini. But I won't be too harsh on him because he let me drive it once. Never got it out of 2nd gear and we were doing 80 mph with 3 gears to go. 
Must have been an expensive dental treatment (and ride).  -ed

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Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' was created in 2015 by the 2 decades old Board Certified Mexico Dental Association - the pioneer in Mexican dental tourism. 

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