Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Best Los Algodones Dentist, Reviews, Los Algodones Dental Prices by the Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

By The Board Certified Mexico Dental Association

Los Algodones often called the Mecca of dental tourism in Mexico or Molar City, is located a mere 3 hours from San Diego California and Tijuana via US Hwy 8 or 1 hr. from Mexicali Mexico. It's located on across the Arizona border 10 miles from Yuma. 

Every year tens of thousands of American and Canadian dental patients visit the tiny border town of 5,500. 350 dentists occupy the 4-5 block town center - along with discount pharmacies, optometrists and a scattering of restaurants and souvenir shops. The cattle, cantinas and brothels of days gone by were run out of town by a dentist turned mayor decades ago. If you are into selfies you may luck upon the town greeter walking about costumed as a giant smiling molar.