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11 TIPS FOR A PERFECT DENTAL VACATION - And how to avoid a dental tourism disaster

It's been called a Dental Vacation, Dental Holidays, Dental Travel and Dental Tourism..  But call it what you will, it can be a great way to save money while taking a vacation, or it can be your worst nightmare in a dentist chair  

By David de Los Angeles

Here's how to avoid starring in your own dental vacation horror show:

 1.  Get estimates from Board Certified Dentists who are certified for your procedures. They cost the same as less trained general dentists who would love to learn advanced dentistry at your expense. 

2.  Choose dentists who speak your language.  So you won't need to know how to say “Take it easy doc!”  in  Spanish, Thai or Mandarin. Most foreign board certified dentists speak English fairly well.

3.  Avoid commercial dental broker agencies like WhatEver Dentist, Flacid Way, Dentist-A-GoGo etc. They list any dentists who pay their fees including non-certified general dentists with fake credentials angling for big treatment patients. 

4. Be cautious in Mexican border towns where US insurance companies finance dental mills staffed by young in-experienced dental school grads at min. wage.  The Mexican health authorities have shut-down clinics operated by unlicensed dentists from Central American & the US (really), dental school drop-outs and dental techs posing as dentists preying on trusting  patients from the US.

5. Avoid general dentists posing as “specialists” offering incredible prices on crowns or (God forbid) dental implants (see #4 again. Most dental horror stories result from general dentists in over their heads.

6. For accurate and reliable dental estimates – email your x-rays, dentist treatment plan or a recent panoramic x-ray for dental implants other oral surgery to a dentist who is certified for the procedures from a recognized dental graduate college.

7. Wikipedia Resource – For certified dentists in Mexico & Asia (In English) Certified Dentists Internationale’  Free estimates and referrals from certified dentists:

8. Wikipedia Resource - Mexico: Asociación Dental Mexicana (in Spanish) General dentists and Board Certified dentists are mixed here - you will have to sort them.

9. Read publications like Dental Tourism News Today for dental vacation travel tips and news aggregated from CNN, BBC, WSJ,  NY Times, Travel & Healthcare writers

10. Resort towns like Cabo and Cancun will be about 5-10% more expensive for dental work than Puerto Vallarta, Los Algodones and Tijuana which enjoy a lower cost of living. The savings can add up to a lot if having a large treatment such as a dental makeover.

11. You can get free estimates and referrals by a Mexico Board Certified Dentist Association dentist by visiting:

By David de Los Angeles

Health Care Travel Writer -
For Dental Tourism News Today

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