Monday, October 27, 2014


Asia Dental Tourism Review by the Board Certified Asia Dental  Association


By Doctor Sandra Jamala, President,Board Certified Asia Dental Association 

A new survey of dental clinics and dental prices in Asia by the Royal Hong Kong Dentist Association noted that a Board Certified dentist in Asia with 2-4 more years of specialist training often costs the same as a general dentist for the same advanced dentistry treatments. 

The problem is – general dentists as a rule are only been trained in dental basics such as cleaning, drilling, filling and pulling (teeth). They are not formally trained in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canals or veneers. 

Not everyone knows there is a great difference in the quality of work between a general and specialist dentists.  Thousands of dental patients from more developed nations such as Australia, the UK, Canada and the US searching for affordable dentistry fly to Asia to see a dentist in the Philippines or Thailand dental clinics each year. 

DENTAL TOURISM REPORT 2014 - Latest Stats, Trends, Dental Tourism Prices,

Oct. 26, 2014


Latest Dental Tourism Market Trends Show Continuing Growth
From IMTJ 

Summary: This study covers the growth in the dental tourism market, dental tourism prices, the increase in both demand and supply and how providers will need to differentiate their offering to remain competitive.

Dental tourism has become a booming industry, where every dentist fights for his reputation and wants to be among the first options for the travelling patient.

But how easy is it and what does it take to be a competitive player in such an unpredictable industry? With increasing awareness of the potential of the dental tourism, more and more dental clinics are trying to get into the business of attracting foreign patients.
But unfortunately most are relying on the same message…. “We are the best dentists, we provide the best dental services, in the most beautiful location, and offer dental services at X% less compared to country Y prices for the same services.”

Patient choice in dental tourism

…How can the patient choose among the sea of dentists?

…What are the criteria used in finding the best dentist?

…How far will a patient be willing to travel for a dental crown or an implant?

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