Monday, October 27, 2014


Asia Dental Tourism Review by the Board Certified Asia Dental  Association


By Doctor Sandra Jamala, President,Board Certified Asia Dental Association 

A new survey of dental clinics and dental prices in Asia by the Royal Hong Kong Dentist Association noted that a Board Certified dentist in Asia with 2-4 more years of specialist training often costs the same as a general dentist for the same advanced dentistry treatments. 

The problem is – general dentists as a rule are only been trained in dental basics such as cleaning, drilling, filling and pulling (teeth). They are not formally trained in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canals or veneers. 

Not everyone knows there is a great difference in the quality of work between a general and specialist dentists.  Thousands of dental patients from more developed nations such as Australia, the UK, Canada and the US searching for affordable dentistry fly to Asia to see a dentist in the Philippines or Thailand dental clinics each year. 

This situation of general dentists attempting specialist dentistry is pervasive in less-developed nations and is often the source of the many scary dentist stories that Western dentists love to point out to patients contemplating taking a dental vacation. 

Dentists from Australia the US and other developed nations often forget that it was not long ago that consumer protection laws didn't exist in their own countries. Even barbers did extractions, and made crowns and dentures and until more recently - dentists were not required to be specialists to attempt advanced dentistry in many developed nations. 
It's important to remember that dental association's everywhere including the Australia Dental Association, and its counterpart in the US the ADA and many others recommend that when having advanced dental procedures such as dental implants, dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry at home or abroad that the patient uses the services of a board certified dentist not a less-trained general dentist. 

Bottom line: Dental tourists in Asia need to be aware that the general dentist is often permitted to attempt complicated dentistry in some countries. One must be cautious. 

Thailand and Philippine dentists are the most popular Asia dental tourism destinations according to the Hong Kong survey. Patients travel to visit dentists in Manila and Bangkok to save on expensive larger treatments such as root canals, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, bridges, dental surgery and dental implants. 

The average savings are 50-70% depending on the treatment. Example: Porcelain crowns which cost $800-3,000us in California or Australia, cost $300 in Manila and $400 in Bangkok.

Most dental tourists visiting Asia come from  English speaking countries according to the survey. 100% of Philippine dentists spoke American English as it is the national language, 50-60% of dentists in Hong Kong and India spoke British English as a 2nd language, while the majority of dentists in Thailand used an interpreter (which can be problematic) or spoke fair English as a 2nd or 3rd language.  

There are no short-cuts to learning advanced dentistry properly – it takes years beyond basic dental college. Since the cost for a highly-trained certified dentist in Asia is generally the same as a general dentist in Asia, the decision to go or not go with the most qualified dentist does not need to be based on price. But on finding the right dentist certified for your particular dental needs. 

In other words - don't go with a general dentist or another who calls themself a "specialist" and offers you a great price on your dental makeover. 

The only true specialists are Board Certified Dentists  

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