Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ASIA'S BEST DENTAL TOURISM COUNTRIES By the Board Certified Asia Dentist Association

Dentists in Manila and Bangkok are much less expensive than Mexican dentists! Asian Dental holidays are growing in popularity with American and Canadian dental patients. 

Dental Travel Agencies Recommend Manila or Bangkok Dentists for Affordable Dentistry

 The Board Certified Asia Dental Association Asia Dental Travel Guide service has Asian dentists including certified Manila, Hong Kong and Bangkok Dentists.

And you thought only Mexican dentists were affordable!

Dental prices in Asia are generally 20-30% less than Mexican dentists who are already 50-75% less costly than US, Canada, UK and dentists in Australia. 

Ex. A teeth cleaning by a dentist in Mexico including 2 x-rays will run $40-60 vs. $20 in Manila. I won't quote you a price for a cleaning by a US dentist - most don't do cleanings - or windows. But if they did - it would be $100 - $175. (including a couple of x-rays)
A fully accredited Manila Dentist will cost the same as a less-trained general dentist in Asia and certainly way less than back home. A Bangkok, Hong Kong or Manila dental implant or dental makeover will cost a fraction of the cost of a Sydney dental implant or makeover.  

Dental patients visiting from the West routinely save thousands of dollars with Board Certified Asia Dentist Association member dentists. You can save enough to buy a new car by having your cosmetic dental makeover done in Manila.

Board Certified Asian dental clinics have modern equipment. Manila dentists and Bangkok dental clinics are the most popular dental travel destinations in Asia by American, UK, New Zealand and Australia dental implant and cosmetic dental makeover patients.

Most Board Certified Dentists in Asia are skilled in several fields. And most accept general dentistry work as well. Foreign dental patients who travel off-shore for their important dentistry require specialist skills for root canals, bridges and crowns, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery or dental implants. 

Be safe and sure of what you are getting and choose a Board Certified Asia Dentist Association member. Aarp Travel, the American Dental Association, Royal Hong Kong Dentist Association and many others all recommend that patients choose a board certified dentist when taking a dental vacation abroad for the best results rather than a less-trained general dentist. The cost is usually about the same anyway. 

Manila dentists in the Philippines are preferred by many patients from the West because American English is the official national language used in government, business and as the teaching language in every level of school.  An English speaking patient doesn't have to know how to say “Take it easy doc” in Thai, or Chinese to their dentist in Manila.

You can have a Free Asia Dental Cost Estimate, Dentist Resumes and Referrals by contacting the Board Certified Asia Dental Association.

Keep Smiling!

Dr. Sandra Jamala
Board Certified Asia Dental Assn.

Posted by Dr. Sandra Janla for Dental Travel – Asia Dentist Guide published by the Board Certified Asia Dentist Association.


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