Saturday, October 11, 2014

EBOLA UPDATE - Effects on Medical and Dental Tourism in Mexico and Asia

Ebola is the most deadly virus to come along since the swine flu in 2009 and the related Asian bird flu or SARS. The first recorded swine flu influenza pandemic occurred in 1918 and killed an approximate 50-100 million worldwide. The more recent one was responsible for 1,000,s but not millions of deaths. 
Now along comes ebola at a time when people are traveling more and the virus itself being more communicable than the swine flu of 2009. 
Estimates vary widely as to how many could be infected by the time it burns itself out or God-forbid – mutates and becomes airborne. If it does – we’re looking at a doomsday scenario straight out of Hollywood only worse.
The CDC postulates that the number of ebola infections doubles every month with a 50% patient mortality rate. So far 4,000 have died in West Africa and one in the USA. They are predicting 15,000 cases by year end 2014. US Marine General John Kelly is predicting 30 million cases by that time.
Ebola has not affected dental tourism yet, being largely contained to few West African countries as of October 12, 2014. Medical and Dental Tourism in Asia and Mexico still thrives. 
That’s a wide range of predictions. Even if the truth is somewhere in the middle – it looks ugly. The AIDS virus has been running rampant worldwide for over 30 years has claimed 35 million victims. To have many millions of deaths in just a few months is sobering. 
If governments act quickly enough by containing ebola and eliminating it in West Africa, we will all be grateful and paying our taxes will seem less painful when we see our tax dollars saving people rather than bombing them.
Ebola has not affected dental tourism yet..   
As of October 12, 2014, there are not any reported ebola cases in Asia or Mexico – both prime dental tourism destinations for Western patients.

In Africa, many countries have all but closed their borders to visitors from other African nations. It will be awhile if ever we see that happening in the West. But healthcare tourists can expect more thorough health screenings at airport before and after flights. And that's not such a bad thing as it will prevent communicable diseases and viruses of all types being shared among passengers in tight air plane quarters.

So pack your bags and get that new cosmetic dental makeover you’ve always dreamed of. Now is still a great time to take a dental vacation! 
Dr. Sandra Jamala

BCAD Assn.

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