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Cabo San Lucas Best Dentist - Board Certified Dental Implant & Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon

When in Cabo, do as the celebs do. I’m not talking about burning up $1,000’s on a round or two of golf at the El Dorado Country Club or a massage with a happy ending - get yourself a gorgeous dental makeover by Cabo’s most distinguished and credentialed dentist. 

By David Mandich Healthcare writer

Dr. Guillermo Limon is a Cabo San Lucas dentist and one to know.  He's a senior board certified dentist, oral surgeon, implantologist, orthodontist and tmj specialist – (temporomandibular joint disorders) a.k.a. pains in the neck, jaw, face etc. 

Quiet, warm and humorous, and a good guy to have a beer with says Alex Channing, local Cabo patient coordinator for Certified Dentists Internationale’. The doctor is not the commanding authority type but is an authority and President of the National College of Oral Surgeons.

Whether you are in need a dental crown or a total dental makeover – Dr. Limon is a certified specialist in several fields. And he does general dentistry too (but not windows). 

Dr Limon's Cabo Cosmetic Dental Clinic

He is available for appointments in his new Cabo Bello area clinic and his other clinic in Tijuana where he alternates his time.



Dr. Limon's Cabo clinic interior

He normally works alone like many professionals but has been known to bring in a team for complicated cases. If a patient requires sleep or sedation dentistry, a doctor of anesthesiology is arranged. 

He is also known for taking care of patients with special needs such as dental anxiety, MS, polio, or patients on medications for mental disorders. In some cases the work is done at a hospital if precautionary backup services are required.

                                      Too much sex, drugs and rockn'roll for this Canadian..

The majority of his patients are Americans and Canadians who travel to Cabo or Tijuana for large treatments that cost a small fortune back home. Many come for total dental makeovers costing $45,000 to $75,000 back home - but only $10,000 to $25,000 by the dentist in Cabo or Tijuana.  

Most patients visit the Cabo dentist for less expensive procedures such as crowns, mini-implant secured dentures, a few implants, bridges, 4 on 1, or partials.

Tip: You can save up to 10% on the same procedures at his brand new Tijuana clinic in the upscale Zona Rosa due to the lower Tijuana cost of living i.e. less rent, lower lab costs etc.

Dr. Limon is a member of Board Certified Dentists Internationale’ Association which recommends only Board Certified Dental Specialists in Mexico and other countries around the world.

Mexican dentists who are board certified cost the same as general dentists in Mexico so there’s little reason not to go for the very best dentist when it comes to anything beyond the normal cleaning, filling and pulling that general dentists are trained to do. 

A board certified Mexico dentist has up to 6 years of additional training in oral surgery, implants, dental aesthetics, endodontics and others areas that a general dentist will not have. 

Over 85% of the dentists in Mexico (and Cabo) are not certified in any specialty – yet they all advertise for and can attempt advanced dental treatments.  Because they can in Mexico. Read that again. 

Be safe with your health, and your money – and always insist on a board certified specialist dentist accredited by a recognized university when in Mexico.

Board Certified Dentists Internationale' Association dentists are ones you can depend on. Their staff and member dentists in Mexico give free estimates and referrals and 2nd opinions. 

To make an appointment with Dr. Guillermo Limon - Visit Board Certified Dentists Internationale’ at:

Have a wonderful dental vacation!

By Marta Rodriquez

Reposted with permission from Cabo Free Press  

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