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HOW TO AVOID FAKE DENTISTS IN MEXICO - by the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

How to find & qualify the best dentists in Mexico & avoid the pretenders.  

Dentistry in Mexico is affordable.  Everyone knows that. 

But American and Canadian dental patients need to know what Mexican patients know about dentists in Mexico..

Dental tourists from the USA and Canada need to be aware that things are not always the same in Mexico as back home. 

There are 4 kinds of dentists in Mexico. Board Certified Dentists are the best, next are certified dentists, then general dentists and 3rd are all the pretenders. Guess who gets the most business and does the most harm?

Here's the issue and most dental tourism patients are clueless about it. General dentists in Mexico with only basic dental education are permitted to attempt advanced dental procedures learning as they go by practicing on their patients. If you are not awake yet, read that last line again!

This is the most problematic of all the issues regarding Mexican dental tourism. This practice of general dentists attempting advanced dentistry on unsuspecting patients is a violation of consumer protection laws in most developed countries - but legal in many developing nations like Mexico. 

Anyone can call themselves a "Specialist" in Mexico.  

Even the guy selling tacos on the corner or the girls in the cantina can (and do) call themselves specialists. And be aware that general dentists in Mexico without any training in advanced dentistry can call themselves specialists in implants or cosmetic dentistry.  If you aren't into rolling dice, find a Board Certified Specialist Dentist. Then have a margarita and everything will be fine. 

The word "specialist" means nothing.  But Board Certified means everything.

To be Certified, the dentist has to graduate from 4 years of basic dental college, then attend another 2-6 years of specialist college. Endodontics (root canals) is 2 years more, implants, oral surgery - 3-4 more  years.  That dentist is now a Certified Dentist in their particular field of specialty. 

But stop for a moment and consider. Using a certified dentist who didn't take the boards can be compared to hiring a lawyer who didn't take the bar exam. If you want the best - get a Board Certified Dentist. If the new Certified Dentist specialist is really top drawer, they will study for the Board Exams - written, lab and oral exams given by a panel of experts in their chosen specialty.

Selecting a Board Certified  Dentist in Mexico is absolutely your best guarantee that the work will be done safely, and to international professional standards. You can find Board Certified Dentists in Mexico trained and accredited in all the American and Mexican recognized dental specialties. General dentists and many so-called "especialistas" in Mexico are usually not formally trained or certified in any specialties.

Avoid dentists in white jackets bearing cheap dental implants from China. 

With a board certified dentist in Mexico you don't get fake specialists or general dentists learning advanced dentistry such as dental implants at your expense. And no pretenders such as lab techs, dental school drop-outs or unlicensed illegal alien dentists from Central America or the US (really!). Small border towns are infamous for these dental predators.

Undocumented fake dentists in some border towns prey on desperate American patients. The Mexican health authorities to their credit close the clinics down from time to time but they pop back up again. Trusting foreign patients are easy money. 

Many foreign patients have unwittingly spent many 1,000's of dollars on implants and makeovers by a general dentist or other pretenders only to have the work redone at a later date due to infections, misalignment, poor quality implants, inexpensive adhesives or crown material etc.

Your dentist back home may warn (scare, intimidate, educate) you on the consequences of seeing a dentist in Mexico and there is some truth to what is being said. But these scare tactics always omit the good experiences of the 1,000's of patients seeing quality board certified dentists in Mexico who do fine work. 

Board Certified and Certified dentists in Mexico typically cost the same as general dentists. 

Why?  Because of all the competition from the non-certified general dentists in Mexico who have no business doing specialist work. But that's good for you the consumer as long as you insist on a certified dentist.  

The Bottom Line.

Unless your dentist in Mexico is fully accredited by a specialist college certified for the procedures you need, you don't know what you kind of work you will end up with. And to have the work redone will be costly and certainly not painless.

The challenge is to find a Board Certified Dentist.

 About 5-10% of dentists in Mexico are certified for specialties having graduated from a specialist college. But they are not Board Certified. If you want the very best, find one that has passed the Board Exams. Board Certified Dentists are less than 1% of the dentists in  Mexico. But they are the best and typically cost the same as the rest.

Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association membership is restricted to senior dentists who become members by invitation. Many are present or former Presidents or Directors of specialist associations, dental specialist college instructors, award winners, hospital maxillo-facial or oral surgery department heads. 

Find Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member dentists in Cabo, San Jose del Cabo, Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Algodones, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and other popular dental travel destinations in Mexico. 

And now you can find Board Certified Dentists in Asia through their affiliation with Certified Dentists Internationale' Tip: Dental prices in Manila are about 30% less than in Mexico. If having a major dental makeover that's a lot of savings. Even after paying for airfare. 


David Mandich

For Certified Dentists Internationale'

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