Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Best Dentist - Board Certified Dental Implant & Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon

When in Cabo, do as the celebs do. I’m not talking about burning up $1,000’s on a round or two of golf at the El Dorado Country Club or a massage with a happy ending - get yourself a gorgeous dental makeover by Cabo’s most distinguished and credentialed dentist. 

By David Mandich Healthcare writer

Dr. Guillermo Limon is a Cabo San Lucas dentist and one to know.  He's a senior board certified dentist, oral surgeon, implantologist, orthodontist and tmj specialist – (temporomandibular joint disorders) a.k.a. pains in the neck, jaw, face etc. 

Quiet, warm and humorous, and a good guy to have a beer with says Alex Channing, local Cabo patient coordinator for Certified Dentists Internationale’. The doctor is not the commanding authority type but is an authority and President of the National College of Oral Surgeons.