Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mexico Dental Tourism Can Be Your Worst Nightmare - By David Mandich, Cabo San Lucas Health Care Writer

Most Dental Tourism Patients Go Abroad To Save on Dentistry.  But they don't know when to stop shopping prices. Which can lead to starring in your own dental horror story.

Dental Tourists don't travel to Los Algodones Mexico to take a vacation. They don't go on dental holidays to ride elephants in a Thai jungle or to dive for pearls in the Philippines. The primary motivating factor involved in dental tourism is price.  

Once a patient  decides to go abroad for treatments - the price shopping
should cease at the border.

The patient is already getting 50% - 70% off for the same treatments back home and any more price shopping becomes redundant and detrimental to quality.

Those who continue to shop for the lowest prices often end up with shoddy work by incompetent dentists who are not trained and certified for the procedures most dental tourism patients require. And often the work often has to be repeated so the patient pays double. But they got their price.

 How much your dentist charges in your home town should be the dentist you should be making price comparisons with. 

Don't compare prices with the cheapest dentist or even the average dentist in a developing country such as Mexico because around 85% of dentists in Mexico are non-certified general dentists.  And they are the ones you find on most .com dental tourism websites. Read that last line again and let it sink in.

In Mexico, Thailand and other developing countries non-certified dentists can call themselves 'Specialists" even though they never attended one day of specialist college. They can legally attempt to learn complicated dentistry by practicing on you. Read THAT one again!

Quality work and cheap prices tend to contradict each other and cheap is always the easiest to find.

What can go wrong if you choose the cheapest dentists who are always (and I guarantee you) non-certified dentists?  You may get cheap crowns that are made from inexpensive materials that break, crowns that are too thin, too large so you can't floss, exposed metal lines, crowns over teeth with root canals improperly done that will fail having to be repeated, crowns and veneers with mismatched colors or shades, or set with low quality inexpensive adhesives which fail causing the crown to  come off.  

Then there's low quality misfitting dentures, dental implants which fail, bait and switch with off-brand implants (they say they are FDA approved), misaligned implants, implants set when the patient is a poor candidate for implants and the implants fail causing infections, undiagnosed  bone and sinus issues causing severe problems if the implants are set and more. Implants are surgery and surgery takes more than a quickie weekend course at a dental convention to learn to do properly.

To give you the cheapest price in town - the bargain price dentist has to cut corners. There are no savings in dental work when you save on quality. 

Get a dentist who is fully accredited for the procedures you need. Not a general dentist who is trying to learn advanced dentistry at your expense. Always insist on a Board Certified Dentist when in Mexico for complicated treatments. They cost the same as non-certified dentists and you will be sure the work is done right.

Patients can get free estimates, referrals, 2nd opinions and dentists credentials checks at Certified Dentists Internationale'

Certified Dentists Internationale' in a new entity created by the 2 decades old Board Certified Mexico Dental Association.

By Health Care writer David Mandich

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