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Where do you go for great healthcare in Las Vegas?"

"... The airport"

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Organizations have partnered to promote Las Vegas as a destination for medical and wellness tourism. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, and others developed a strategic plan for medical and wellness tourism.

While gambling, dining, whoring and shopping are popular reasons for visiting Las Vegas, several organizations have partnered to bolster the city's reputation as a destination for medical and wellness tourism.

The proposal outlined several existing features - dozens of spas, ample hotel rooms for patients - that, when combined with plentiful, state-of-the-art medical facilities and a solid foundation of knowledgeable professionals, could turn the city into a sought-out destination for those seeking medical care and/or interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Life was the late Dr. Kevorkian's arch rival.

Las Vegas is a centre of excellence for some forms of medical care. The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health is renowned for diagnosis and treatment of patients with cognitive disorders.

One problem the strategy identified is that many Las Vegas doctors are at or near full work capacity; so more doctors are being trained locally; although this will take years to work through.

Another problem in the Las Vegas Valley is shortage of rooms. St. Rose Dominican Hospital will introduce a 96-room expansion in the fall to host more patients. The first phase of Union Village, an integrated health village with a hospital complex featuring coordinated medical services, a hotel and on-site entertainment, is expected to open in Henderson in the fall of 2016.

Nurses in colorful costumes are famed for their bedside manners..

More hotels are encouraging healthy hospitality, including the MGM Grand's 171 Stay Well rooms and suites, which feature in-room wellness amenities and technology. An increasing number of restaurants are offering vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other similar healthy meal options.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is promoting existing wellness travel features such as spas and healthy outdoors activities. Cheryl Smith at LVCVA says, "We are creating awareness around the world that these additional services, choices and travel options exist here. There is as yet no specific campaign to promote Las Vegas as a medical and wellness tourism destination.

The long-term vision is better health infrastructure and support for more health care staff and facilities, and active promotion of spa and wellness services."

The partners accept that emphasizing aspects of wellness travel is much easier than selling medical tourism; but how to promote Las Vegas as a medical travel destination is a problem they are working on.

Las Vegas is a city that was built to attract visitors; with a core of gambling and entertainment aimed at the mass market. Whether customers will see it as a wellness and medical destination too, remains to be seen. The local healthcare system is ranked poorly in the US national healthcare ratings.

 Local media has been critical of the plans, relating the witticism:

"Where do you go for great healthcare in Las Vegas?"   "... The airport"


Sedation comes in many flavors expertly administered by highly-trained professionals.

Article reposted from IMTJ - International Medical Tourism Journal (photos by DTNT)

Comment by Dental Tourism News Today - 

Everyone wants to jump on the medical tourism bandwagon. But some governments and medical professionals just don't get what its all about.. 

Healthcare tourism whether medical or dental tourism is a reaction by patients to the high cost of healthcare in developed nations. Patients go abroad to save money. Not to visit a fun place where the cost of healthcare will be the same as back home. 

In developing nations such as Mexico or the Philippines the cost of living, clinic rent and office staff overhead can be 10% of what a doctor or dentist has to pay in the US or Canada, so healthcare prices are substantially less.  

Example: A dentist in San Francisco may have to pay $45,000 annual salary for a dental assistant vs. $6,000 in Mexico. Dentists in developing countries are able to offer crowns for $350-650 vs. $800-2,500 in the US and Canada and dental implants for $2,200 vs. $4,000 or more in the US. 

When you cross the border to save on dentistry or medical treatments - stop shopping prices and start shopping quality. Once you decide to go abroad - you are already on the path to saving 50 to 70% on your healthcare.

When you take a dental vacation - take the American Dental Association's advice and be sure to insist on a board certified dentist to get the quality you are looking for. -ed

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